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Cognitive Coaching℠ Skill Builder: Using Data to Mediate Thinking


audience | 

groups and individuals who have completed Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminars®

day(s) | 


goal | 

Increased craftsmanship in using data to mediate thinking

The coach’s use of data and mediative questions are critical to self-directed learning. This Skill Builder invites participants to go deeper in how data provides a catalyst for making meaning. It opens with a historical perspective on how schools have added data use to school improvement processes.


•5 Forms of Feedback
•How Data is Used in Each of the Four Support Functions
•How Data is Used in the Planning and Reflecting Maps
•Introduction of the Calibrating Conversation
•Reflective Questions for Analyzing Data


•Understanding of how the planning and reflecting maps
•Provide a template for using data
•Repertoire of questioning strategies to support data analysis
•Repertoire of strategies for group analysis of data

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