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Presentation Skills


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organizations and individuals who want to develop as skillful presenters

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goal | 

To develop the confidence, skills, and Identity of a successful and effective presenter

Building on the work of Robert Garmston and other master presenters, this two-day seminar will focus on the skills, structures, and identity that support skilled presenting. The purpose of the training is to develop the confidence and competence a presenter needs. The presenter’s moves will also transfer to facilitations that the individual is asked to lead. Using the metaphor container, the participants will use the Event Design Map to structure an upcoming presentation.


Day 1: Knowing Yourself and Your Audience, Designing and Delivering Your Presentation
Audience Types
Visuals – Dessert
Advertising Your Presentation
Design the Surround

Day 2: Developing and Maintaining Resourcefulness as a Presenter
Dressing the Part
Audience Connect
Presenter Skills
Posing questions
Overcoming Nervousness
Strategy Harvest
Presenter Challenges


Social and emotional—empowerment and comfort with presenting

Declarative—knowledge and understanding of strategies that help participants construct meaning

Procedural—skills and processes in designing effective presentations

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