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Presenters Forum


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What is Presenting?
To present is to teach. A presenter’s goals are to extend and enrich knowledge, skills, and attitudes that apply in professional settings in meetings and classrooms. A presenter may adopt many stances (e.g., expert, colleague, novice, friend) and use many strategies of presentation (e.g., lecture, cooperative learning, study groups.) Premier presenters are guided by clarity of instructional outcomes and the continual assessment of goal achievement.

Why attend Presenters Forum?
Presenters Forum is required to become a Cognitive CoachingSM or Adaptive Schools Training Associate (national and international consultant) and is highly recommended for those wishing to become an Agency Trainer (district or agency-based trainer).


Day 1
•Extended repertoire of strategies as a presenter
•Understanding of oneself as a presenter
•Knowledge of how people learn and audience types
•Skill in designing effective presentations

Day 2
•Increased consciousness and craftsmanship in designing presentations to address learner characteristics and needs
•High craftsmanship with co-presenting and giving directions
•Understanding of and skill with non-verbal presentation skills

Day 3
• Mastery of effective charting
• Deepened knowledge and skill in designing and delivering presentations
• Application principles and skills from the seminar

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