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I invite you to engage in this digital dialogue! What might you think?

During Saturday's Adaptive School's meeting, I shared a 'wondering' about Thinking Collaborative's language choice of training and trainers and wondered what other words we might use to describe our roles and what we do.

Ron Lott shared this Doug Reeves' slide about the difference between training and professional development:

Here is a link to a Learning Forward article that explains the difference between professional development and professional learning.

I invite you into this digital dialogue! What might you think? What resources might you offer to help our collective thinking?

Thank you for sharing this. I wasn't at AS, but looking at Ron's slide I really like the language that is posted under professional development. It reminds me of when we shift language with students. For example, if I call them scholars versus just students, it sends a different message. I'm not advocating either way, but I do like the language and with AS and CC language is important.



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