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IDEA Study

This request came from a former colleague and dear friend. She has been a participant in the Adaptive Schools Foundation Training in the past and worked with the New Teacher’s Center. They used Cognitive Coaching extensively in their work. With that said, if you can support in any way please contact her directly.

Tanya Collins

Dr. Collins is working with a team at Westat that hopes to conduct a study that influences the reauthorization of IDEA. At this point of time, they believe the methodology will be a national survey investigating how special education teachers use their time and collaborate with general education teachers to support inclusive classrooms.


They are in the early stages of planning how this survey will look, and searching for nine elementary teachers whose schools are striving to implement inclusive, collaborative practices that they can interview.

This is an exploratory interview with the hope that interviewees provide information that helps build the national survey. They need a diverse sample set of teachers from different settings, such as rural, urban, small, and large. Eventually, they also need building-level administrators.

Do you have any schools, teachers, or building administrators who you could recommend that you think might be interested in being a part of this exploration?


Thank you for thinking about this and please let Tanya know if you have questions, thoughts, or ideas. She is happy to chat more by phone as needed.



Tanya Collins, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate


Phone: 1 (618) 923-3351


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