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Dear Cognitive Coaching trainers,

We are hearing that MANY of you are beginning to offer Cognitive Coaching Foundation! Yea for you!!! These are exciting times indeed!!

Please note: This is an important reminder from our trainers meeting in January. We shared that there was a snafu at the printer. Somehow the corporate LG trust quotations were moved into the education Foundation LG. We’re not sure how/why, but stuff happens! There should be 6 quotations, not 5 quotations, on pp. 132-133.

For future reference, they are found on the website:

You can also find them on pp. 10-11 in the CC trainers meeting handout from January.

Take care and enjoy your time with your learners!

Hoping to see you all in January (if not before)!

Lisa, Doreen, and Carol

Dina Secchiaroli
Brenda Ward
Doreen Merola
Kathy Gross


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