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Dear Colleagues,

Given that there may well be more time in the near future of solely virtual work, might we survey ourselves for some supportive data? Who is offering the Thinking Collaborative 2-hour Overviews and follow up sessions? Given that we all set our own prices for training, what might be the cost range being charged for these sessions? So far, I have heard $350, $500, and even thousands of dollars (from an agency that already had budgeted at the trainer's daily in-person rate).

Right now and until the end of the month, we are offering free coaching sessions through the Coaching Lifeline, and many trainers offer coaching pro bono. For those who have established online coaching as part of your business, or will be doing so when the Lifeline expires, what might be a reasonable cost for these sessions?

While Agency Trainers may be providing all of these services as part of their jobs, there are those who are doing this work independently, and sharing the responses above may help support those independent consultancies.

Very best to all!


Jill Hanke
Amy McCarthy


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