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I forgot to celebrate here last week, so I'm adding it now. On 5/27 & 5/28 I had my first opportunity to present Days 1 & 2 of CCSM as a Trainer Associate. It was F2F with masks optional; we documented where all were seated just in case we'd need to reference, but have had no problems. It was such a joy to present again! I used to get to present the Foundation Training once or twice a year as an Agency Trainer, but finally got my first chance to do it again. I hope you each get to return to F2F trainings soon!

Doreen Merola
Dina Secchiaroli
Lisa Joseph
Carol Brooks Simoneau

What wonderful news!! We have been hearing from trainers as they re-enter the work and the common emotion is "ecstatic." YEA for ALL!



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