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Recently, I have noticed various participants taking pictures of each slide and several of the individuals then building a slide deck with the photos as we learn with one another. I see this as being different than people selectively taking pictures for their personal learning or to post on social media.

I am torn between whether 1) it should be addressed, 2) it is best not to address the trend, or 3) how to address it (individually or whole group on day 1 or when it is noticed),

If you have experienced this or have suggestions on how our community might handle the situation(s), please feel free to respond and/or feel free to send me a private message.

Thank you for your time and ideas!



Thanks, Steve, for holding high integrity. You are right, this is different. We all need to address use that is not authorized. This is copyright-protected material. No one can reproduce any of our slides or materials for their own or district use.

I gently address it on day one, privately when I notice it, and emphatically on the final day before they generate their own certificates.

What I say on the final day:

Here is what you can do on completion of Foundation:

—Use knowledge gained in training to create skillful groups

—Can implement strategies

Here is what you cannot do on completion of Foundation:

—Train this work as only authorized trainers can train this work because it is copyright protected

—Replicate slides or materials

—Use chunks of this work in trainings you create

This is the second page of Advanced AS certificates. Because we are seeing more and more unauthorized use, a similar form will be now be the second page of the Foundation certificate:

Authorization is required to use the copyrighted materials of Adaptive Schools Seminars or to present any aspect of the Seminars that have been developed by Thinking Collaborative. On completion of this Seminar, you must request permission from Thinking Collaborative to present short segments of content from the Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar or Adaptive Schools Advanced Seminar or to use selected copyrighted materials from Thinking Collaborative. Written permission is required prior to duplicating five or more pages of materials. You are only authorized within your school district, board, or agency.       

On receiving permission, any presentation utilizing the name Adaptive Schools should carry the additional words: “Developed by Robert J. Garmston and Bruce Wellman” and “Presented with permission from Thinking Collaborative, PO Box 630860, Highlands Ranch, CO  80163.”


On completion of this seminar, you are qualified to work with an authorized Training Associate toward becoming an agency trainer. Please contact Thinking Collaborative for more information.





An example of "short segments" would be a brief overview for the local board, leadership team, etc. Again, this is only with written permission.

Here is what we offer each year at Symposium, if you need language:

Content pieces/chunks of Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminars® cannot be lifted out of the 4-day training or modified for other trainings. By signed contract, trainers are only authorized to offer the intact 4-day training. Adaptive Schools content cannot be offered for a shortened or as a separate PD as stand-alone content. That would be a copyright violation as inappropriate use and would diminish the integrity of the 4-day model. Examples: how to pose questions, how to paraphrase, Energy Sources, meeting standards, etc. While these are all good pieces of wonderful information, legally it can’t be done with Thinking Collaborative materials. Adaptive Schools is a federally registered product, and the copyright is provided to ensure that the complete Foundation training is offered and protected in its entirety. Strategy use and content exploration can be offered. 

Thank you for protecting this good work!! We are all called to be caretakers.

If you would like us to address it, just let us know.

Have a great summer!




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